EFG Google Reviews

Jorge F.

March, 2020
EFG is a great company to work with! Blake was extremely pleasant to work with! The whole process (which for other companies can be dreadful) was very smooth and seamless. Keep up the great work Blake!

Katelyn S.

March, 2020
As someone on the professional side of this — I definitely recommend. EFG is quick, professional, easy to work with. Dave S. was especially helpful and courteous. Looking forward to work with y’all again! Thank you!

Roberto N.

March, 2020
I worked with Patty today, and she was extremely helpful. She helped me with my claim effortlessly. She is awesome.

Wray H.

February, 2020
Dave is very professional and pleasant to work with. Thank you for your business and look forward to working with you in the future.

Miguel G.

February, 2020
Blake at EFG was extremely helpful and easy to deal with. I highly recommend for any assistance needed on claim works. Thanks for the help Blake!

Dalton P.

February, 2020
Great training and an excellent staff!! Amber and Jason made the program and world class experience.

Zachary D.

February, 2020
Blake was a pleasure to work with. The company is all together reliable and helped out when it mattered most. 5 stars for sure.

Chris A.

February, 2020
I have called EFG several times and I have to say Blake was outstanding. The entire process was smooth and done quickly. I appreciate his customer service. He went above and beyond to make it quick and painless. Thanks Blake!

Tom S.

January, 2020
OK, so I have been a service advisor at BMW of San Rafael for 15 years. I’ve dealt with hundreds of different 3rd party warranty companies over the years. And I can say with 100% truth that the very best is EFG! Not only do they take care of the customers and do whats right, but the people that are on the other end of the phone are simply the best in the business. Joe Blakley is the nicest, funniest and one of the smartest people I’ve dealt with in all these years. Not only is he great to work with, but I can tell he is a good man! And being in this business means a lot to most of us. Thank you Joe for the amazing help.

Nolen D.

January, 2020
Spent the past few days working with a Joe Blakely on a ticket. He was friendly helpful and all around nice to work with on the phone. It was a good change of pace from what I’m used to with most extended warranty operators. He also had a lot of 1st hand knowledge of the cars.



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