EFG Google Reviews

Kara C.

December, 2019
I needed some car repairs and completely forgot I had this warranty. I had to call a couple times to get some information regarding my coverage and both times the representative was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The repair shop mentioned the same when they called to discuss my work and coverage with me. I would highly recommend EFG. Thank you.

Melanie P.

December, 2019
I am constantly having to work with/call several different warranty companies each day (since my job is a service advisor), and I never have a good experience EXCEPT for when I work with EFG. They are always super quick and very friendly! Every experience that I have had with EFG has been beyond pleasurable – especially my experience with Blake – he is wonderful! EFG is the way to go!

Jacqui M.

December, 2019
EFG and Joe Blakely, along with the rest of this company, are awesome! As a selling dealer (BMW of San Rafael), they are very responsive and go the extra mile to take great care of our mutual clients.

Brandon S.

December, 2019
Great Staff and Excellent Training Strategies. I Would Highly Recommend Them.

Larry Y.

December, 2019
Blake was quick and efficient with my claim. I got the information from him quickly and with ease. I will look forward to dealing with Blake in the future. He did a fantastic job and provided good service too!

Katie T.

November, 2019
Blake…my friend….you’re the best and make filing all these claims a breeze (well, as breezy as they can be)! All of these claims at BMW of San Antonio wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for all of your help every…single…time I call in!!

Tara C.

November, 2019
EFG Companies is an excellent company with great employees who are FUN to work with. Cole Bender is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He goes above and beyond to make the claim process quick and easy but cares about our customers as well!!! EFG rocks!!!!!!!

James P.

November, 2019
I have dealt with many warranty companies. EFG is by far the best and tops the vehicle brand warranties. Cole Bender is a large part of that reason. Every time he picks up the phone, I know I’m in good hands. He is polite, helpful, and respectful. I have had many good experiences with the other reps but Cole stands out for sure! Keep being awesome EFG!!

Jenna G.

November, 2019
I love working with EFG, especially Cole Bender. I know when I call I will get the best customer service possible. They go above and beyond and seem like they truly like their job. Keep it up!

Brian O.

November, 2019
I just wanted to give Cole and Joe a shout out for the great service they provide. They really make it easy to make claims. Keep up the great work guys!



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